02 August 2007

meeting minutes

So the folks at green bag studio (which is a fake business, with a fake website and a fake payroll that I created all in my head) just held a very successful staff meeting this week. Items of note included:
  • How to reconcile this little guy with this monster to create the perfect-sized & shaped lunch bag.
    • I am experimenting (in my head) with a completely new design, a little more tote-ish and a bit less brown bag-ish. Something with handles and a place to put your silverware. Or chopsticks. Or crayons.
  • How to close the dang things. The original had a button and an elastic loop, the second one had nothing. I need some feedback here. Velcro? Snaps? Buttons? Dare i say, zippers?
  • Sometime in the near-ish future, you readers are all going to be treated to the most magnificent picture of these green bags in use by an unexpected group of folks in an unexpected location, and I tell ya, you are all just going to love it. I think. I know I am looking forward to it. And so is America.
(I should note that while green bag studio is indeed a fake, there WAS a successful "staff meeting" and we DID drink wine and EAT delicious food at the famed Mezzo and then we SAUNTERED down to Cheesecake Machismo for the most delicious dessert you could imagine. Compared with other staff meetings I've been to, this one was certainly more successful. Green tea cheesecake with chocolate on top? Yes, sir I would love some.

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  1. Thanks so much for adding me to your favorites! I've been meaning to update mine 'cause I've been reading yours regularly.

    And I vote no zippers. Velcro would probably be the easiest. I can't wait till green bag studios gets their product to market!


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